New Orleans:Favorite Spots to Eat

As many of you know by now, my husband and I traveled to New Orleans last week! I prepared myself by making some Jambalaya and Beignet’s a few weeks prior. This was also the first trip I have been on that I really planned out my outfits and makeup/skincare. I did have a few items I didn’t wear but, overall I did pretty well in the packing department.

Now that we are back I wanted to share my experience and hope it helps you plan your trip to New Orleans.

New Orleans is like Las Vegas of the South… only prettier. I think we all know what happens on Bourbon street. Much like Vegas, New Orleans does not sleep. There is always a bar open and people are always walking around…no matter what time it is. Now, if you don’t know me let me try to explain why this didn’t work out so well for me. I don’t drink that much and I don’t party. I know…why would I go to New Orleans??? Let me assure you there is plenty more to do though. New Orleans is filled with so much history. The beauty of the architecture on every street in the French Quarter is breathtaking. We stayed at the Marriott on Canal street in the French Quarter. Plan on walking every where. You can get an Uber ride quickly or a taxi but, there are so many people walking, it takes just as long to drive as it does to walk.

I was on my own for the first few days, as my husband was there for a conference. I have to say being alone there doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies. New Orleans is full of beauty but it is also very dirty and there are many beggars everywhere you go. I prayed for that city so much while I was there! It has gone through so much. There were quite a few questionable characters about. There were also a lot of drunk tourists. So, imagine shy blondie female walking alone. Thankfully, no one said a word to me and left me alone. I could hear them screaming at others but they left me alone. I survived!

So, now that I have the negative out of the way let me tell you of all the positives!!! When I think of New Orleans I think of two things: food and music. Boy did we get our fair share of both! Our first stop after we landed was Palace Cafe, it was actually the first restaurant we saw, as it was right next door to our hotel. We loved it so much we went back for lunch the next day and then dinner! I was beginning to think we would not go anywhere else. The character of the building was gorgeous! There was an open kitchen so you could watch the chefs cook(which I always love). If I could recommend only one item it would be the Crawfish and Brie Au Gratin. Holy moly…slap yo mama good! They pretty much recommend you put crawfish in everything and we did!


Another place we loved was Galatoire’s 33 on Bourbon street. It was amazing how many high end restaurants there were in the French Quarter and particularly Bourbon Street. They have a dress code on one side and then a more casual dining restaurant on the other side. *Side note-many restaurants do have strict dress codes so be sure to call ahead or look online before you show up. We chose the more casual dining side which was just as nice and less boujee. My husband and I are pretty adventurous so we ordered the escargot(I actually said no at first but then decided to live a little). It was amazing! Not your typical escargot drenched in butter, it had more of a cream sauce. I tried the roasted duck l’Orange for my entree. It was amazing as well! Service here was the best of all the restaurants. Good service was a little hard to come by at many restaurants, but it was wonderful at Galattoire’s 33.


I could go on and on about all the yummy places we ate but I just wanted to give a few reviews. It really is overwhelming the amount of choices you have. I really wanted to try Lüke, John Besh’s restaurant and also Emeril’s but didn’t make it.

I couldn’t do a review of New Orleans food without talking about beignets! My first stop was a place I stumbled on when I was on an adventure by myself. I went to Cafe Beignet. I assumed they had to have some good beignets, being it was in their name and they sure did! It is a cute cafe…again as you can tell from the name. You can sit inside or outside. They had a few different locations but I went to the one on Royal street. You get three to an order and believe me you will eat at least two!




Of course, you cannot leave New Orleans without going to Cafe Du Monde! There will be a huge line if you go in the morning or day time but it goes pretty quickly. We got an insider tip to go to the take out line(which is always shorter) and  order there and then head to the river nearby and eat your beignets there. It only took us about 20 minutes to get our beignets in the late afternoon but not having a table to eat them at was no bueno. We had powdered sugar all over and of course we were wearing all black…when in New Orleans!




I hope that helps you if you plan to travel to New Orleans in the future. You can’t beat the food and there is no way you will go hungry. I highly suggest taking any tours of the French Quarter. The guides there are so knowledgable and you can see they truly love their city. There is so much history that fills New Orleans and I am so glad they have preserved as much as they could. Thanks for the memories New Orleans!