Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece

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Thanksgiving can be pretty hectic. Many times the last thing you want to think about is a centerpiece or any table decor. I thought a great way to get a beautiful centerpiece quickly and inexpensively would be to shop the produce aisle! While you are there picking up your ingredients for stuffing and sweet potato casserole you can pick up a few more items to make your table spectacular!

I cruised the produce section and found some really pretty fruits and veggies! I grabbed a few pomegranates, clementines, mini apples, rosemary, cranberries and pine cones. Have fun and pick up a few veggies or fruits that you may have never thought of eating but would look great as a centerpiece. There are so many different directions you can go with this. So, if you are headed to the grocery store for some items for Thanksgiving cruise through the produce aisle and see what you can come up with. This is what I decided to do!

Pine cones, mini apples, pomegranates, rosemary, cranberries and not pictured clementines(cuties).
I wanted it to look really organic. I simply placed the cranberries in a mason jar to add some height and placed the produce and pine cones around them. I added a few sprigs of rosemary in between the fruit. Other herbs like sage or thyme would look and smell great!


I received this cute little Thanksgiving print from Kristin Schmucker. I love adding verses or quotes to my centerpieces.



Happy Thanksgiving!


Pirate Tablesetting

Arrrrrgggghhhh, Mateys! I was asked again this year to decorate a table for the Women’s Council of Realtors Spring Tea that is held each year in May. We can choose any theme for our tables and everyone goes WAY out in decorating their table. It is such a fun time and there are so many talented ladies there. This is my third year decorating and each year my table centerpiece gets bigger and bigger. It is totally a go big or go home mentality here! You can see my previous table here.

I decided on my theme shortly after last years’ table. I had this idea of getting an old chandelier and making it look like pirate treasure. So, with that in mind I went with a pirate theme. I just happen to find the perfect chandelier by asking friends on Facebook. They had one they replaced just sitting in their garage and I was able to remove the wires and just added some candles that I allowed to burn for hours to get some cool drips! I added some of that earthquake putty to keep the candles from moving around as the lightbulb sockets were a little larger than the candles.

I found this treasure chest at Joanns and simply stained it and distressed it to make it look like a true pirate’s treasure chest. I filled the treasure chest with Mardi Gras necklaces from the dollar store, seashells, treasure map, feathers, antique bottles, telescope, goblets and a copper tea kettle
I found this awesome red and white fabric on Etsy and sprinkled gold coins on that. For the chargers I went with gold ones I had on hand and made red paper “x”‘s and placed clear plated on top. I purchased frayed linen napkins from Sav-on-Crafts(one of my favorite resources). I then wrapped an eye patch around the napkins to finish it all off.
I knew I had to have a mast with a sail. It would not only add height to my table but it would also give it a more “piratey” look! I went to Home Depot and purchased two wooden dowels. I then wrapped twine around the two dowels at the point were they met and made a cross. I then got some off white material and hung it over the dowel. The Hubs had a great idea to rip it and sit it on fire! (of course he did…he’s a guy). I let him handle that as I could see me setting my house on fire, all in the name of a good centerpiece! I found an old wooden bucket and placed some oasis foam in it and then added sand to cover it and make it sturdy, after I had poked the dowel through the foam.
I can’t forget to mention my favorite part….my parrot!!! I found that on the awesome site Sav-On -Crafts as well.It was such a fun table to put together. I look forward to coming up with my next theme!

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Glam Thanksgiving Table-Setting

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My last post was very traditional and great for a kid’s table. I thought I would do something for the adult table and add a little more glam. It has the same foundation as my Pilgrim and Indian Table-setting. I simply added a gold charger and then topped it with the black chalkboard paint charger I made . I wrote the guests’ name on the edge of the black charger and placed a gold-dipped feather to the opposite edge. So simple…yet very elegant. These feathers were already pre-done at Michaels, but you could easily turn this into a DIY project! It pained me that I did not have gold utensils! I am on the hunt for some…so hopefully I can add those to my collection soon.

I am getting excited as I am gathering my ingredients for this years’ Thanksgiving. If you are looking for a few new recipes to try out, I wanted to link this Brussels Sprout recipe and a Stuffing recipe that I love to make every year. Enjoy!


Coco Chanel Inspired Tablesetting

I had the opportunity to decorate a table for the Women’s Council of Realtors Annual Spring Tea. This was my second year. The ladies really go all out. I remember showing up last year to set my table and feeling like a little dingy among huge ships. So, this year I wanted to step it up a bit! I saw a few pictures on Pinterest that inspired me to do a Coco Chanel themed table. It is super girly and sparkly so, of course I had a blast putting it all together. I only had a week and was stressing out. I usually like to order items online because that is where I find my most unique pieces. I ordered everything the day I found out. Many things came a few days later but, a few items came the day before the event!

I started with a black tablecloth that touched the floor. This is very important if you want your table to look polished. There is nothing worse(to me) than a tablecloth that doesn’t touch the floor. Especially round tables.

I then added some black and white crosshatch fabric from Joanns for my overlay. I searched high and low  for a wide black and white striped tablecloth or fabric. No luck.  If I had more time I might have been able to find something. I was really bummed I think it would have added all kinds of fabulousness! I ordered chair sashes from my favorite online site for linens called eFavormart. They have amazing prices and they were offering 30% off at the time I ordered! I had previously ordered those pink satin napkins for another tablescape I did years ago.

I had a few ideas for the centerpiece but, when I saw these hat boxes at Joanns I knew I had to have them! I wanted some height so these were perfect. They were originally a cardboard color I simply painted them black with a sponge brush and then added a diamond trim. I seriously had to stop myself with the diamonds I wanted to put them everywhere! I also purchased those from David Tutera’s wedding line at Joanns. If you have not taken a look at his line it is a pretty! I took down a large round mirror I had hanging in my living room for even more bling. I was browsing the clearance section at Joanns and found those 2 wooden C’s! I couldn’t believe it. It was like they were just waiting for me. Scored those for only .25cents.

I  think this was my favorite project to make. I found a square vase from Michaels and typed out a Chanel No.5 perfume label to mimic a perfume bottle. I added large pearls that I got from eFavormart. Then I found these fun feathered flowers at Joanns. I added some light pink ribbon and topped it off with…you guessed it… more diamonds!

This art print was an instant download from the Etsy shop, poppy loves to groove. Instant downloads are awesome when you are in a pinch.

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to use a purse as a vase! I went to the thrift store trying to find something that would work..nothing. I was looking through my closet and remembered I had this cute sparkly clutch that the closure had broken on. It would be perfect. I simply found a plastic container, covered it with tape, making a grid for the flowers to go into and filled it with the flowers and water.

I also ordered these drawstring bags from an Etsy store called Lovey By Elle. The were stamped with two different saying from Coco Chanel. This shop is so amazing. The owner knew I was in a hurry and got them in the mail the next day! I put in a Paris hand lotion from Bath and Body Works since Coco was from France.

I had to make a few desserts for the 10 people at our table. I bought lady fingers which you can see on the tea saucers, from World Market. I then made some cupcakes and topped them off with fondant that I imprinted a quilted pattern on to mimic a handbag and topped with an icing bow that I found at Joanns.

Last, I made perfume bottle shaped sugar cookies. I found the cookie cutter on Etsy. I just added some icing and mixed yellow and orange sprinkles to mimic the look of perfume. I had this jewelry box and thought it would be great as a cookie box!

Overall I had a wonderful time creating this tablescape. Now onto thinking about the theme for next year!


Christmas Brunch

I was seriously considering bailing on the Christmas Brunch this year when I heard that my Aunt(who caters it) said she was not asked to make her wonderfully, delicious, smack yo mama stuffed french toast!!!! But I snapped out of my depression and knew that I had to set up my table and not disappoint my ladies. I love setting up my table each year. It is my most favorite thing to do and I started planning like 8 months in advanced. I actually already have next years theme!!!! We are asked to set up 6-8 place settings and do a centerpiece, napkins, name cards…etc. It is so fun to see all the different tables. This year I did a twist on the Three Wisemen. My dad made me the cutest manger and I got gold bulbs and filled an apothecary and stuck the lyrics to the We Three Kings in it. I also had a candle in a pretty holder and a perfume bottle..representing Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.