Summer Lovin’:Friday Favorites

Hello there! I have so missed doing my Friday Favorites. I took a bit of a break. Just needed to focus on some other areas of my life…but now I am more focused and am so happy to be back doing something I love.

I decided to share some of my favorite skin care products that I currently love. Y’all know I love my makeup but in order for that makeup to look its’ best the skin underneath needs to be taken care of. My skin tends to be on the dry side..but overall it is pretty normal. I was never one to break out but holy hormones! My skin is in a constant battle with my hormones. I generally only break out on my forehead(in between my eyebrows) and my chin. The breakouts I get are like super zits. They are huge and hang around for weeks or even months. Many times they are those really painful ones…you know the ones you can’t pop but are more of a bump…painfully hanging out. Ugghhh…so frustrating. They leave their mark after they are gone as well! So, I have had to bring in the big guns to help fight these unwanted intruders!

friday favorites 8-22-14

Glam Glow– This is the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask. I have seen these floating around for quite sometime. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about each mask, but at 69.00 a pop, I decided to pass. Then my ipsy bag came, a lo and behold there she was! I have used it for about a week now and it leaves my skin feeling so bright and soft. It has volcanic material in it and it draws so much out but leaves it super soft. I noticed it reduces the size of my pores too! Can’t say enough about this stuff! I noticed on Sephora’s site you can get a smaller size for only 19.00. It is only 0.5oz as opposed to the 1.7oz but is easier on the pocket-book.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– This little gem is great for zapping those pesky zits. It is sort of strange looking, but it works soooo good. It comes in a glass bottle(you can get a plastic one too) and there is a pink solution that settles to the bottom, with a clear liquid on top. You dip a cotton swab into the pink solution, dot it on your blemish(nighttime is best) then when you wake up… voila… your blemish is either gone or dramatically reduced in size.

Help Me by Philosophy– This is a newer product for me. I have only used it for about a week… but I really like it. I went to Macy’s to look for a concealer to hide the marks that my blemishes leave behind. The girl at the makeup counter used a Tarte concealer.  I honestly didn’t see any difference from my other 100 concealers I have tried in the past. She then showed me something that might help reduce the discoloration. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in that area but it has helped fight my blemishes. If you know of anything that helps reduce blemish marks I would love to know.

Ponds Luminous Moisturizer– This is a great drugstore moisturizer. Even though my skin tends to be on the dry side I don’t like a greasy or heavy moisturizer during the day. This one by Ponds is great. I also love that it has an SPF of 15 in it. It is very lightweight and causes no irritation for my sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream– This is another inexpensive item that works great. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and can get dry. That can make you look a bit older when it starts to get crapey(sp?) looking. This is a very gentle formula that gives you just the right amount of moisture your under eyes need.


Hope you found this helpful! What are some of your skin care favs? I am a bit obsessed and would love to try some new product!

Happy Friday Loves!!!


Summer Lovin:Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites 8-1-14

Hello Sunshine iPhone Cover-My phone case has seen better days so, I have been on the hunt for a new one. This one  is from Anthropologie….so of course it is fabulous!

Hammock-This is always on my wish list. I really want a hammock and this one is super!

Spumoni Trifle-Spumoni always reminds me of The Old Spaghetti Factory or Italian food in general. I haven’t had spumoni ice cream in so long, but this dessert is a great deconstructed take on the classic dessert. Also, a great use for pistachio pudding. I feel it doesn’t get as much attention as it’s friends’ chocolate and vanilla:)

S’mores Kit– How cute would this be as a summer time hostess gift for a BBQ or Pool party?!

Gold Cuff Ponytail Holder-My hair is constantly in a pony in the summer. This shows that I put in a little extra effort without really actually doing much! They come in a huge variety of colors.


Happy Friday Y’all!


Summer Lovin:Friday Favorites

Now that summer is officially here I am feeling the need for a beach trip. Since, I do not know when I will be able to make it… I am getting my fix by looking at all the cute beach day necessities on the world wide web! I also included a lil’ beach bum board! Surf’s Up!

Boho Braid-Emily at The Freckled Fox has the prettiest hair tutorials. I wish I could braid my hair! It is the perfect hairstyle for the beach.
Wildfox Maxi-This reminded me of Hawaii. I love this for walking on the pier after a long day in the sun.
NYC Bronzer in Sunny-I don’t like to wear a whole lot of makeup at the beach. I just put on a bit of bronzer and blush and I am all set…after my sunscreen of course.
Sunset Beach Candle-Ahhhhhh!!! I love this scent. It is such a beach scent with pineapple and papaya. 
Roxy Hat-Gotta cover that face. You mind as well do it in style. I love anything ROXY. When I was younger I dreamed of living at the beach and being a surfer girl…still do dream about this:)
Makeup Geek in Head Over Heels-this is a great blush to add just a touch of color to your face. I love Makeup Geek. Their products are all affordable and very high quality. Reminds me of MAC!
Roxy Hoodie-One of my favorite parts of a beach day is when the sun begins to set and it starts to cool down. Love throwing on a hoodie and enjoying a bonfire. 
Beach Chair-I need to head over to World Market and pick this up. It is on sale and I am in need of a bright and comfy beach chair. 

Kid’s Beach Chair-How cute is this? A personalized child’s beach chair. They come with umbrellas too!
Beckett’s Threads Shirt-This is my friends’ company. I love this design…kinda want one for myself:)
Rash guard-My little guy loves wearing a rash guard. It is great for a little extra protection from the sun too. 
Surfboard Trainer– Since I did not end up being a surfer girl…I could get this surfboard trainer for Shane and see if he can be a cute little surfer boy.
Old Navy Cover Up-Terry cloth is so great for a cover up. Your little girl would be so adorable in this!
Boat Shoes-Someone with a little girl seriously needs to buy these boat shoes! They are one sale too!

Anyone planning a beach day? I just may need to go tomorrow. I have beach fever!
Happy Friday!


Summer Lovin: Friday Favorites

My list this week is so random… but full of lots of great finds. Shane has had swimming lessons and VBS all week and it has been a blast! He is taking swimming lessons where I did at his age. It is so weird to look around and remember being in the pool as a little one. It hasn’t changed much. I am so glad it is Friday and am looking forward to playing outside and getting projects done around the house. Happy Friday Friends!
Fruity summer cupcakes by Trophy Cupcakes-I saw these on TheTomKatStudio(another fav) and fell in love. These would be so cute at a summer BBQ!
Floral Doddle at Land of Nod-Apparently, I have a thing for flowers. Bright florals are all the rage(I even wrote a post about them this week). This would be super cute in a little girls room or a craft room. 
Floral Chiffon Top by Forever 21-Speaking about my bright floral post. This top was one of my favorite finds. I love the black with the colorful flowers together. 
Sam Smith -ahhhhhhh. I love him. His voice is perfection. His CD came out this week. If you are in the mood for some good love songs I highly recommend this CD, especially #10: Lay Me Down.
Girl’s Room by The Lilypad Cottage-I couldn’t stop staring at this wallpaper in this little girl’s room. And that bed! I can picture my little niece enjoying a room like this. 


Summer Lovin: Friday Favorites

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral by Kate Moss Lipstick, 09– I recently purchased this lipstick and it is so bright and perfect for summer! It is long wearing and is a super smooth formula. Plus, it smells really good!

Nautical Two-Toned Fedora– I love wearing hats this time of year. They are super cute and protect your face from the sun. This one is from Forever 21 so you know it is affordable!

Jacquard Tank -I purchased this tank from Target a few days ago and I love it! I think I am going to go back for a few more colors. It is hard to tell in this pic but if you click on the link, zoom in on the tank and take a look at the pattern it is so pretty. 

Athena Tab Strand Necklace-Have you heard of Baubble Bar? If not, I apologize in advance. It is an online accessory shop that has the pretties bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories. I am loving statement necklaces right now and anything pink, so this was a favorite. 

Be Brave Print-This is very random, but I was tempted to redecorate Shane’s room again this week. I so desperately want to decorate a camping/lodge/hunting room. Wouldn’t that be fun? I started collecting whatever I had and collected ideas online(like this print). I then realized I needed to paint and get a new bed spread and so then I said, “Summer, STOP”! It was fun dreaming but he has a great room and I need to be content. I did purchase a desk and shelving unit for his room which I will be sharing soon!