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I am so excited to be writing a new blog post from my website! I was always hesitant to get my own domain for The Days of Summer, but when my sister offered to design it and her hubby worked his web site building magic, I couldn’t resist. I literally gave them a few ideas and it came out just as I imagined.

I am hoping to continue to write on a weekly basis and meet other fellow bloggers. I questioned whether anyone really cared to read my posts, but so many have been super encouraging and it truly is a passion of mine. I thank everyone who followed me over on my blogspot page. Now, you can keep up over here on my very own site! (Can you tell I am a bit excited). Elise, of Polka Dotted Blue Jay, is a fellow blogger and a huge encouragement to keep me going. She does a post that I just love and was excited she asked me to join in with her. The post she does is all about finding amazing items at Anthropologie(swoon<3) and then finding simialr products for less. For all of us fellow Anthropologist:) we know of their goodness, but it can be hard on the wallet. Elise loves a good bargain and does such a great job finding similar items at a much lower price! She  posted her Wednesday Wishlist last week and I am sure you will just love it. Tell her I sent you and don’t forget to follow her for more awesome posts.


So, like I said I had to get in on this Anthro hack. I took a look around and saw this wall planter that I have been wanting to DIY for a few months. I thought now would be a great time to gather my supplies and get to it! After getting all the supplies, putting the planter together and taking all the pics…the item on Anthropologie was not there! I noticed, when I first saw it, the site stated it would not be available until July 31st. I thought about scratching the whole post. It was such a fun and easy DIY project, I just had to share. I knew I could find comparable wall planters from other sites. So, this is Anthro inspired but I do not have the direct link from Anthropologie. I will check back later in the month to see if they brought the item back and update the post:). For now, here is what I put together:

Anthro post 2



The original hanging wall planter from Anthropologie was 58.00 and up (depending on size).  I spent a little less than 15.00! When I first saw the planter I knew that I wanted to find a belt at a thrift store to use for the leather hanger. If you have an old one at home this would be even cheaper. The Anthro planter was made of porcelain and I knew that I needed to find  a plastic option as I have no idea how I would affix the leather strap to porcelain. I found a plastic planter at Home Depot. They didn’t have a white one, but I did what any DIYer would do… I broke out the spray paint! I used one that bonds to plastic. It was also a matte finish, as it is a primer, which made it look just like the Anthro planter! Once it dried I used upholstery tacks to secure the leather strap to the planter. These are very sturdy and went through the leather and plastic like butter. To get an even securer hold you could use pliers to crimp the tack up. After I attached each side of the leather belt(which I trimmed to size, 16 inches) I then filled up the container with  few little pebbles, some potting soil and a “Ghosty” succulent(purchased at Sprouts). It was now ready to hang. You could either hang it inside or out. I decided to hang in on a wall inside. Easy Peasy! It was so easy I want to make a few more and hang some outside. Anthropologie is a wonderful site to get inspired. Now I am scouring the site to see what else I can hack:).

Anthro 3




Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so exited about my new site. If you followed me through Bloglovin’ they moved you all over to my new site so, there is nothing to do! Also, do not forget to checkout Polka Dotted Blue Jay and her Anthropologie Hack post. Have a great week !


***Update-the planter is back up on Anthropologie’s site! Of course, just my luck. Lol! Here is the link I originally saw and was my inspiration.

anthro hack 2


DIY Succulent Container using a Glass Candle Jar

Succulents are making a huge comeback! Succulents are really popular in Mid Century Modern design, so I thought this would be a great little project for our home!

I have seen many You Tubers talk about using their empty Bath and Body Works, 3-wick glass candle containers as makeup brush holders. I thought I could use the one I just used up for my project. I simply took off the name tag(this is a sticker and comes off super easy). If you have some wax left in the container, you can emerge the container in hot water, let it sit for a few minutes and then run a knife along the edges. At this point it should pop out. I used a spoon to get mine out. Then I cleaned the inside and Voila! I have a beautiful glass container free from stickers. and wax. There is also a sticker on the bottom that slides right off after being emerged in the hot water.

There are endless uses for this. As I mentioned before you could pour some glass beads or rice and add in your makeup brushes. You could use it to store office supplies. If you can get it clean enough you could store some candy in it. Endless possibilities! I love reusing items..especially when you spend 11.00(on sale) on a candle.

Isn’t this cute? It would be great for a wedding or a wedding shower!

Unfortunately, there was no link for these. I found them on Pinterest. Some people are so creative!

These are so amazing! Check out this girls’ blog for a tutorial.

Here is the empty candle container:

We happen to have a little succulent garden in our backyard. I just love it! I wasn’t sure if I could cut a succulent and if it would regrow in my jar. I am sorry I have absolutely no gardening experience…therefore I have no knowledge of all the proper gardening terms:). I went to good ol’ Martha for help. I found an article on her blog(no idea she had a blog..I mean it makes since..but I have only seen her website).

The next step was to add a little bit of pebbles to the bottom of the glass container.

Then I added some soil and cut a pretty little succulent and planted it!

I finished it by adding some more pebbles. I happened to have these in my front yard…who knew I had all the supplies in my yard!

I think it is super cute and a really great way to add some life inside of your home.


DIY Vanity Chair Seat Cushion

I am so behind in my home projects. The last crafty/DIY project I did was reupholstering my office chair which you can read about here. For my birthday my mom bought me a beautiful vanity chair for my bathroom. It needed a seat cushion though. So, I knew that I had to reupholster my office chair and decided to just buy some extra fabric. Well, my birthday was six months ago! I woke up with a migraine today and was in bed for a good part of the day. Once I drugged myself enough I got up and decided to work on my chair since I did not have to work. Working full time really does not allow me any extra time for this sort of thing…so I was happy to be able to finish this project.

I am no expert in upholstering. This required no sewing so, I knew that it was not going to be that hard. The hardest part would be the round shape of the seat. Also, I chose a chevron pattern and needed to make sure that stayed straight. Here is a little beginners try at adding a round seat cushion to a vanity seat. Enjoy!

Before: Not so comfy
My dad cut out a round wooded seat..great having a Carpenter for a Dad!
Used foam, batting, my upholstery fabric(found at Joann’s) and a staple gun.

Pretty basic: I cut out the foam with a serrated knife.
 Then added the batting and started to stretch and staple.

In order to prevent getting too many folds I tried to stretch the batting as much as possible. The same process was done with the fabric. You want to stretch and pull as much as possible without distorting the pattern of the fabric.

This is how it looks with just the batting. A few folds but not too bad for this beginner:)
Found this cute model!

Taadaa! The seat is finished. It only took about 20 minutes tops!

Ahhhh…look at all that comfiness!

Now I have a place to sit while I do my makeup!