Nautical Playroom

Well hello there! It has been so long since I sat down to write a new post…4 months to be exact! I have missed it so much but have also enjoyed getting to do other things that I enjoy and that needed to be taken care of. For my first post I decided to join a little party that is going on over at Calling it Home. I just stumbled upon this One Room Challenge going on stating today! There are many talented designers and blog writers that are participating as well. If you want to follow along just search #oneroomchallenge on Instagram and there you will find a ton of eye candy! Basically, this challenge is about choosing one room and sharing the progress along the way for 6 weeks.

I debated on redoing a new room or to join in with a room I am currently working on. To make it easier on myself I thought I better share the playroom over at my Mother In Laws’ home. She asked me to help decorate it after she got new carpet and painted the walls. It was a blank slate. I decided to go with a Nautical theme as the rest of her home is very coastal and it would be something she would enjoy. It is also a style I LOVE so it was a win…win.

I had just received my Pottery Barn Kids catalog and gathered some ideas from there and then of course headed over to Pinterest for some more inspiration.

playroom ORC mood board

Wall Anchors//White Table and Chairs//Oar Wall Decor//Proverbs Art(no longer available)//Storage//Pendant Idea


I have already started on the room and am excited to share with you the process. This is the second room I have done for my Mother In Law and am so thankful for the opportunity to do this for her. Check back next Thursday for some more progress photos! Here is my TO-DO list and a few before pics:

playroom before and list




Summer Lovin: Thrift Store Haul

I have not been thrifting in so long! Mainly, because I do not need anything. On my birthday I had some time to shop. Shane was with me so we hit up the mall. He was such a trooper! I went to MAC and Sephora, not so fun for a five year old boy, but we did stop at the Disney Store(which is fun for Mama too). After the mall I decided to stop into our Savers Thrift Store. It is across the way from our mall. I haven’t had too much luck here. I am not big on buying clothes at Thrift Stores, but I love getting home goods and books there. I decided to give it another try and I am glad I did!

As soon as I walked in I saw a bunch of design books displayed. Happy Birthday to me!!!! Two were on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and another looked like a text book about Interior Design. They were marked 3.99 each but, the cashier was extra nice and gave them to me for .99 cents each! Unfortunately, that was the end of my treasure findings. I did spot the cuteset pineapple wood carved bowls. There were 6 of them. I placed them in my basket and continued to shop. I thought they would be adorable on a summer time party table, used to hold nuts or candies. I was in love with them but did I really NEED them, no. Each was wrapped up as sets of three. Only one was marked as 3.99. I even thought they might give them all to me at 3.99 which would be a great price, but 3.99 for each set…I wasn’t too sure. I then noticed one had a big chip in it…not a potato chip an actual piece missing:).This did it for me and I put them back. This was a mistake. I have been thinking about those darn pineapple bowls ever since. I keep coming across other pineapple items that would go lovely with those pineapple bowls. So, I went back today! Now my bday was on Saturday and it is now thursday that I went back to search for my beloved pineapple bowls. My hopes were not high in finding them but…….they were there!!!! Not all six but just three and the three without the chipped one…score! This is a long and dramatic story but, I am so happy I went back!

I also found a few other treasures on my second trip. One was a brass bird. I see these a lot in design and especially in MCM design. I also found a brass whale. Do I need a brass whale? NO, but I knew if I left it there I would be back a few days later. He now lives in Shane’s room. Each brass item was 2.99. So, for around 13.00 I think I scored!

thrift store haul


thrift haul 2

What are some treasures you have thrifted lately?


On Trend: Bright Florals:Dark Backgrounds

I am in love with this trend of bright florals and dark backgrounds. Typically the background is either black or navy. I first saw it on stationary, but now I see it in fashion as well. I love it because even though in spring and summer you typically don’t see a lot of dark colors; the mix of bright florals makes it feel lighter. Here are a few items I have spotted. 
In Fashion and Beauty:

In Paper Goods and Web Design:
In the Home:
ALDO Sandals-The print is a little hard to see in this picture but I saw these in person and believe me the print is such a cute addition to these sandals.
Forever 21 Floral Chiffon Top-I need this shirt! The pattern continues part way down the back and then is sheer. Such a great price too!
ASOS Kimono-My mission today is to find a pretty floral kimono. They are great if you want a little cover up over your tank top this summer. 
Indigo Perfume by NEST– Even this perfume bottle got in on this trend. I would love to display this bottle on my vanity.
Cocorrina Wallpaper and Screen Savers-This wallpaper for your computer screen is what started it all. I absolutely love her design. These are available for download and you can even choose one for your phone.
Sparkle and Sparrow Gift Tags-Aren’t these so cute? Perfect to add to a friend’s bday present(my bday is next month btw). 
Paper n Peonies Save the Date Card-You have to check out this girl’s Esty Shop! It is a new favorite. Her designs are so cute and I love this Save the Date card.
Furbish Studio Pillow– Pillows are a great way to introduce any trend in your home without having to spend a ton. 
Blue Poppy Design Abstract Painting-If you are daring, adding this painting to your home would be amazing I love the use of the navy IKAT and the bright florals.
So, what do you think? Is it a trend you could introduce in your home or in your wardrobe. I think The Hubs would not like this trend in our home so, I am going to pick up a few of those under the fashion section:).


Mid Century Master Ideas

One of the last rooms I have left to decorate in my house is my master. Doesn’t it always seem to be the last room to get done? My previous bedroom was Hollywood Glam and although I could probably work that into my Mid Century design I decided to go for a more natural eclectic look. This design is new to me so, I really want to be patient and make sure I make the right design decisions. In the past I have been quick to get stuff from the clearance aisle at Target and bring it home only to realize it just didn’t go. I look back at many of my design decisions and think wow that was just hideous. I am trying to mature my design taste and I realized I have to always be on the look out for great pieces and to have a plan in place.

With Mid Century design I can’t just go to HomeGoods(although I did find an awesome Mid Century Modern clock there).


Other than small accent pieces, the bigger furniture and art pieces need to be vintage. Our home was built in 1959 and so we try to get pieces from the late 50s and early 60s. It is so much fun to go to flea markets and stalk CraigsList, but it is a waiting game. You never know what you are going to find. Luckily, we have made friends with a wonderful Mid Century Modern dealer and have bought many pieces from him. Currently on our list for our master is: two nightstands. I have even thought about stripping down the nightstands I painted(Lord, forgive me) and using those. We need to re-wire a lamp we bought at the Rose Bowl and find another one.

We need a new King size mattress to go with our headboard we got from our favorite dealer. New bedding…this is so hard for me! I spent years finding my last bedspread…hoping I have better luck this time around. I would also love a chest for the end of the bed to house our extra pillows and blankets. Last but not least we need art! Our whole house needs art. I only have one picture up in our whole house.

So, here are a few items I have spotted and am loving. Many have a Native American vibe..which I love!!!

I spotted this on Etsy. I decided against it since my Mom has an Indian picture she is giving me or that I am stealing. This is a rug, but thought it would be cool hanging on the wall. It was made in the 60s by a Grandfather for his Grandchildren. Amazing!

I want some Lucite somewhere in our master and I just love this mirrored tray with Lucite and brass detailing. This is from the 50s and would look fabulous on my nightstand!

This bedspread is the color palette I am going for in our Master. I never thought about adding grey though. I think it adds a modern touch. This is a twin and the seller has two. I thought about just draping it on my bed and using it more as an accent. Also, thought about buying both and sewing them together??? I am not completely sure about this one but I love that it is vintage(late 50s to mid 60s) and has the warm browns, yellows and oranges I am looking for.
More updates will come along the way. We missed the last Rose Bowl and can’t go next month either. I am having withdrawls!!! I am having no luck on Craigslist or thrift stores either. It will come together slowly and I am ok with that:).


Summer Lovin: Top 5 Interior Designers

What? Another blog post? Can you believe it? I can’t, but I am trying hard to stick to my New Year Resolutions, so here you go! Yesterday, I wrote about finding your design style. I mentioned looking through magazines and online, but another great way is to follow Interior Designers that have a similar style.

I came up with a list of my top 5 Interior Designers. I have been stalking following these designers for years. They each have their own unique style that I really appreciate. There were many other honorable mentions but these ladies(yes, all ladies) are my faves!

Up first is a designer who started it all. She is the reason I am addicted to HGTV. Her name is Candice Olson. If you have not watched her shows (Divine Design and Candice Tells All) or read her books… stop what you are doing now and watch/read them and them come back and read this post. She is a designer in Canada(which most of my favorites come from there). Her design style tends to be more on the Modern side..but like many others she can do it all. I love her style because she always throws in some glamour. She has her own wallpaper line that is simply stunning. I went into a shop last year where they had her wallpaper book and I sat down and drooled over each sheet of wallpaper. I will have wallpaper very soon in my home! She always incorporates so many textures into her design. She is also very talented at sketching her room designs. Being able to envision your design is a great talent and she is definitely a pro at it.


Next, is another designer I have followed for years and saw first on HGTV. Her name is Sarah Richardson. She has a few shows as well on HGTV (Sarah 101, Design Inc and Sarah’s House). I love her personality. She is so down to earth, much like Candice. She is also in Canada. Her style is more Farmhouse/Country. You may think Country is old fashioned and picture chickens and gingham…but her country is so beautiful. I love her use of old architectural pieces. While Candice uses mostly new products, Sarah uses many antique pieces. There is nothing I love more than to watch her go shopping, with her sidekick, Tommy,. Together they find the most unique pieces. She also has a modern side. She has designed some beautiful bathrooms! I can’t say enough about her. She is just the best! P.S. I joined a live chat once with her and she talked to me twice…EEKKKK!!!!


Sabrina Soto is someone you probably have heard of. She is a home style expert for Target and has really stepped up Target’s Home Decor. She is a young designer, based in New York. She does it all. If you watch her show The High/Low project, you will see her getting her hands dirty and building things. The premise behind her show is to design a high end look for her clients and then reproduce that look for whatever her clients’ budget is. She always does a wonderful job and it is hard to find any differences between the high and low look. She also has a guy helping her, named Chris. Oh my word…if I had an assistant I would want him. He can build ANYTHING. He is so talented. Together they make pure design gold! P.S. She responded to me on Facebook…lol…it’s the little things…to me those were big deals talking with my favorite designers.


Another oldie but goodie is the beautiful, Genevieve Gorder. Again, have watched her shows forever. She is the host of “Dear Genevieve’ and wow…she is amazing. Her style is really influenced by her travels. She designs the most beautiful Moroccan and Turkish Baths! Her tile choices alone make her one of the best. I love all the different textures and patterns she introduces. She lives in NY and she uses all that town has to offer. I love seeing her go to these small shops and using local resources for her design jobs. Love…love…love her.


Last, but not least, is Emily Henderson. Oh my goodness she is a quirky…sweet thang! I first saw her on my favorite show “Design Star”. She won and soon after got her own show: “Secrets from a Stylist”. She is an amazing stylist. The way she groups items is such a talent. She is always on the search for unique items. You can find her searching Craigslist, Estate Sales and Flea Markets. Another girl I would love to go shopping with. Seriously, if I could just follow one of these ladies around I could die happy. Emily, just had a baby boy and moved into a new home. She has a wonderful blog that she keeps up to date with her latest design jobs. She uses some MCM pieces which really make me happy! Oh, and I believe she lives in L.A.

There are so many more designers that I could list. These are my favorites and have taught me so much. I also follow many designers who may not have their own tv shows but are still super talented. I will leave a link to their blogs below. They range from Farmhouse to Modern and everything in between. Like I said in my last post. I love all design, making my home beautiful for my family brings me joy. Learning from these designers also brings me a ton of happiness. Make sure to check them out and let me know who you love! I can always use more designer love in my life:).

Honorable Mentions: