Nautical Playroom Reveal

I had posted a few months back the progress of the Nautical Playroom I decorate at my Mother In Law’s house and never showed the final reveal! I have been so bad about being consistent with my posts. I guess better two months late than never???? Here is how the kid’s playroom turned out.


I love how clean and bright this room turned out. The table and chairs were from my son’s room…but he got a drum set and this needed to go. It was exactly what this room needed, so it worked out perfectly. I added a tin pail with some starfish and a checker board. Super simple and easy to remove when the kids want to do crafts.



My Mother in Law does not like curtains so I added a burlap banner and a felt ball garland. I purchased the felt garland from The Fickle Felt Tree on Etsy. Her shop is filled with all sorts of cuteness!


019The bedding had to be the best part about putting this room together. I was so excited to find those red and white striped pillows at HomeGoods, along with the whale pillow and throw. I have linked to all items I purchased in previous posts if you are interested. You can find them here and here. This post has me ready for summertime!


Updated Boy’s Room: MCM Shelving

My little guy will be starting Kindergarten in September…gulp! So, with the start of the school year,comes homework. I wanted to find a desk and a bookshelf for his room, where he could work on said homework. He actually has a large room for a five year old and for an old house he has a ton of storage,so we had the space to add a few large pieces. I jumped on Craigslist and searched for a desk first. To my surprise I see this Mid Century Modern desk and bookshelf combo! It had been added to Craigslist about 18 hours prior to my search so I was certain it was gone. I quickly emailed the seller, knowing I probably missed out on it and to my surprise he said it was available. Then I told him I could come take a look and he said there was actually one person in front of me!!! Ugghhh…it technically was available but I was certain the other person would snag it up…but they never showed up. Long story short the unit now lives with us! Now, the seller did say it was from the 70’s but it was like IKEA quality. Which to me isn’t horrible but, I knew he meant there wasn’t any extraordinary craftsmanship going on. He actually threw in an extra shelving piece that was a match , he and his wife found after they had already purchased the whole unit(which is three pieces). So, I basically used that for parts! It was pretty wobbly and needed some loving. It serves it purpose for now and I won’t mind if it gets a few nicks and scratches over the next few years.

We do not have any bookshelves in any other areas in our home. We really don’t have a whole lot of knick knacks in our home as the MCM look is very minimal. I was super excited I could finally style some shelving! I searched all around for items that I already had and then I went Antiquing at my favorite little shops near my house. I scored some unique items that I can not wait to share with you. So, enough talking let’s look at some pics:

Here is the before. I set a few things that he already had in his room to get an idea of what I needed. I was so pleased that I could keep his table and chairs in the room with plenty of space around it. I also used the chair I bought awhile back from a now friend on Craigslist.

I started to add a few things like a jar full of marbles my Aunt gave me and a vintage book I picked up a few months back. The dump truck belonged to The Hubs when he was a little guy.

This metal caddy I found at Marshalls after watching Fixer Upper(have you seen this show??…you need to). She found a vintage caddy to hold her client’s crayons. It was so adorable I had to do something similar for my little guy. I couldn’t find anything vintage but this cleaning caddy worked great! I simply added some mason jars and filled them up with crayons, markers, pens and scissors.

I had previously painted some chalkboard designs on his wall and got this “S” at a Flea Market. I also had this fabric covered canvas in another area of his room and though it was better suited for this area. I love this fabric from Joann. It is a Marvel Retro Comic print. It simply adds some color and brings in a bit of Superhero, which Shane loves.

I found this G.I. Joe wooden box at my local Antique Store. It said it was from the 60s! I love the graphics inside of the box. This was 17.00…a little more than I wanted to spend on one item for the bookshelf but, I couldn’t pass it up!

I found these items at a little shop in the same area I found the wooden box above. The owner always has such unique things. I got a large jack, old wooden ruler and this amazing light bulb. It was fun to go around the store and collect different items that were out of the ordinary, but fit in a boys room. Shane wasn’t too impressed with the light bulb. I think it’s awesome…boys…hmmpppfff????!!!

I had to throw in some baseball items too. The bat was from his baseball party that all his guests signed. Filled a wire basket with old and new baseballs and used a baseball helmet Shane had from a Minor League game we attended.

This is how it all came together. It is going to be a great space for Shane to do his homework or work on some art. I can switch out some of the pieces as he gets older and his interests change.