Summer Lovin’:Friday Favorites

Hello there! I have so missed doing my Friday Favorites. I took a bit of a break. Just needed to focus on some other areas of my life…but now I am more focused and am so happy to be back doing something I love.

I decided to share some of my favorite skin care products that I currently love. Y’all know I love my makeup but in order for that makeup to look its’ best the skin underneath needs to be taken care of. My skin tends to be on the dry side..but overall it is pretty normal. I was never one to break out but holy hormones! My skin is in a constant battle with my hormones. I generally only break out on my forehead(in between my eyebrows) and my chin. The breakouts I get are like super zits. They are huge and hang around for weeks or even months. Many times they are those really painful ones…you know the ones you can’t pop but are more of a bump…painfully hanging out. Ugghhh…so frustrating. They leave their mark after they are gone as well! So, I have had to bring in the big guns to help fight these unwanted intruders!

friday favorites 8-22-14

Glam Glow– This is the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask. I have seen these floating around for quite sometime. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about each mask, but at 69.00 a pop, I decided to pass. Then my ipsy bag came, a lo and behold there she was! I have used it for about a week now and it leaves my skin feeling so bright and soft. It has volcanic material in it and it draws so much out but leaves it super soft. I noticed it reduces the size of my pores too! Can’t say enough about this stuff! I noticed on Sephora’s site you can get a smaller size for only 19.00. It is only 0.5oz as opposed to the 1.7oz but is easier on the pocket-book.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– This little gem is great for zapping those pesky zits. It is sort of strange looking, but it works soooo good. It comes in a glass bottle(you can get a plastic one too) and there is a pink solution that settles to the bottom, with a clear liquid on top. You dip a cotton swab into the pink solution, dot it on your blemish(nighttime is best) then when you wake up… voila… your blemish is either gone or dramatically reduced in size.

Help Me by Philosophy– This is a newer product for me. I have only used it for about a week… but I really like it. I went to Macy’s to look for a concealer to hide the marks that my blemishes leave behind. The girl at the makeup counter used a Tarte concealer.  I honestly didn’t see any difference from my other 100 concealers I have tried in the past. She then showed me something that might help reduce the discoloration. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in that area but it has helped fight my blemishes. If you know of anything that helps reduce blemish marks I would love to know.

Ponds Luminous Moisturizer– This is a great drugstore moisturizer. Even though my skin tends to be on the dry side I don’t like a greasy or heavy moisturizer during the day. This one by Ponds is great. I also love that it has an SPF of 15 in it. It is very lightweight and causes no irritation for my sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream– This is another inexpensive item that works great. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and can get dry. That can make you look a bit older when it starts to get crapey(sp?) looking. This is a very gentle formula that gives you just the right amount of moisture your under eyes need.


Hope you found this helpful! What are some of your skin care favs? I am a bit obsessed and would love to try some new product!

Happy Friday Loves!!!


Girl Talk:”In A Hurry” Makeup Look

Most of my friends do not have the same passion for makeup as I do. In fact many of them cringe at the fact of having to put anything more on their face than mascara and lipgloss.  For me makeup is fun and is my “me” time. I know, that when you are busy, you can’t put as much time into your makeup routine as you would like. After I had my son I actually went to the store with NO makeup on…gasp!!! Some of you may do this regularly but, I am going to guess you don’t have a makeup artist for a mom and a Southern Belle for a Nana. Going out of the house without your makeup and hair done was a no no. I think back in the day women spent more time on themselves because, well they had more time. Most of us are running out the door to either work or taking our kids to school…or both! If you think you can’t look cute everyday I am here to tell you…you can! I want to challenge you to find 10 minutes each morning to put your makeup on. Just 10 minutes. Even if you have to wake up before the kiddos wake up or if you have to add some more time to your morning routine before work, I promise you will feel so much better. I got into a huge rut after I had my son. I also work from home so, not getting dressed until noon is a regular occurrence. I decided one day to get dressed shortly after I woke up and then get my makeup done. I even brushed my teeth…my hair…that’s another story. After a week of this new schedule I felt so much better about myself. I actually felt like a human being and not a Zombie.

I have felt the urge to share some makeup tips to get the most out of wearing a minimal amount of makeup. Everyone will be different as I know some of us have to wear foundation to cover up discoloration or blemishes.If youdon’t have these issues, you could even skip the foundation step!  I hope you can take some of these tips and make them work for you. I also hope you find a new love for makeup:)


I like to use either a powder(when I am really in a hurry) or a foundation, even if this is the only thing I put on my face. I wake up with a lot of redness. So this is a step I never skip. If your foundation is medium to full coverage you could even use it as a concealer. I also like to take a dab of foundation and use it as my eye primer.

Loreal Lumi True Match-this is best if you like a dewy finish. This is my all time favorite drug store foundation. The only problem is that I can’t use this as a concealer under my eyes because it is a bit sheer and has that dewy finish. It doesn’t look too great under the eyes. I would use concealer with this one. I have horrible under eye circles, so I add it anyways.

Maybelline Dream Wonder-if you like a more matte foundation(best for oily skin) this one is great. I just purchased it and although I tend to have dry skin, during the summer I can get oily. This one feels like silk going on.

***Tip-while your foundation is setting, brush your teeth.

Blush-besides lip products, blush is one of my favorite beauty products. Once you add your foundation, it can take away some of your natural color in your face. This is good and bad. Foundation covers some of that unwanted redness, but it also makes you look washed out. Adding a bit of blush will make you look awake!


face makeup


Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow-this is a cream product. I like these because they are pigmented and you don’t need a bunch of other eyeshadow with it. Just blend it with your finger all over your lid and you are good to go. I recommend Barely Bronzed, it will look great on every skin tone.

Eyebrows-if your eyebrows aren’t on point you will not look put together. Keeping them well groomed is a must. Even if you don’t want to wear eyeshadow just having your eyebrows done will make you look more polished. I like to fill my bows in with a powder. I feel naked without it!

Mascara-when polled…most women would say the one makeup item they wouldn’t go ot of the house mascara. If you have whimpy eyelashes like I do, curl first and then add some waterproof mascara(holds the curl longer)



Lipstick or lip gloss-this is mainly a preference. A quick swoop of some lip gloss will finish off any look. I am a lipstick girl. It is my favorite item in my makeup bag. It looks like you took that extra step, even if you just swiped it on in the car. Stains are great too, as they last all day and you don’t have to keep reapplying.


I thought I would get in on my own challenge and I put on foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, filled in my eyebrows,added  mascara and lip gloss. This took me a total of 6 minutes and 33 seconds, that included me brushing my teeth while my foundation set!!! I also wanted to see how long my whole makeup routine would take. I simply added two more minutes. In that time I added my bronzer, a brow bone highlight, cheek bone highlight and some eyeliner.

What are some tricks you use when you are in a hurry? I see women doing their makeup in the car while they are driving…ahhhh…that’s so dangerous and no fun. Take a little time in the morning to add some of these tips.

Happy Thursday Beauties!





Summer Lovin: Friday Favorites

It’s Friday Favorites time! I am a Pinterest junkie. Seriously…I have 118 boards and I am just a few pins short of  6,000. It is such an inspirational site for me. I realized though… that I need to physically do more projects and not just stare at all the pretty things all day. Friday Favorites are great for me, because I can share all the goodness of Pinterest and other sites I spied great finds on during the week. 

Arrow Finials-You guys…. these are sold out! They were not earlier this week, but I am sure this pic went around Pinterest and everyone fell in love, as I did. The curtain is what really caught my eye. It is so bohemian and lovely. I have been contemplating changing up my little guys room. There is nothing wrong with it now… but I so want to redecorate it in a woodsy/cabin/hunting/lodge kinda feel. I thought these arrow finials would be great. 

Wet Brush-This brush is so great! I have long and very tangled hair. My scalp is also super sensitive, so this brush is great for painlessly brushing through my tangled wet hair. I don’t know how it works, but it is magic!

Thayers Peach Witch Hazel– I had to have this, of course, because it is peach scented. I was running low on my witch hazel(which I use as a facial toner) and saw this on Vitacost and put that guy right into my cart. It smells so good and gets rid of any extra dirt and/or makeup leftover on my face after I cleanse. It also adds a bit of moisture. 

Smashbox BB Cream– This is one of those products that I got a sample of and fell in love with and then realized it was a little pricey but I didn’t care because it is so good! I use this all Summer long. I don’t like to put on a bunch of face makeup during the Summer. This is great because it is a BB cream. So , basically it is a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. It is also wonderful because it has SPF35 in it so, I also don’t have to use a sunscreen on my face. I can’t say enough about this product. 

Zara Frilly Sleeve Top– I recently discovered Zara. Zara is one of the biggest international fashion companies. Their clothes are so unique. I saw my favorite Makeup Guru wearing this top and I fell in love. I really want to buy it but, I am hesitant to buy clothes online. The closest store to me is about an hour away so, I may venture out there and try it on. 

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse-This is another product that is a bit pricey, but nothing compares to it. It is a self tanning mouse that you use a mitt to apply. The mitt allows for a even coat every time. It is a gradual tanning mousse, so after about 4 hours you can rinse it off in the shower and it leaves you with a perfect tan. There is a darker bronzing mousse if you have a darker skin tone. This one is perfect for me and my fair skin.

Have a wonderful weekend! I have some fun posts coming up next week and I am excited to share them with you!


Summer Lovin: Friday Favorites

This week I wanted to do something a little different with my Friday Favorites post. I have been loving You Tube. You probably already know that I love to watch makeup videos on You Tube. In the past I thought You Tube was more for watching funny videos or for figuring out how to fix something. I was so wrong! I was looking for some info on how to do a smokey eye about two years ago. I stumbled upon a girl named Jaclyn Hill on You Tube, who is a professional makeup artist.I watched her video and then proceeded to watch every video she had ever made! Then I discovered all these other girls who do these videos too and my life was ruined changed.

Recently, I have tried to branch out and find videos on health, interior designing and organizing. There are not many home decorating channels that I can find( if you know of any..please comment below). So, anyways I thought I would share some of my favorites! Links to their You Tube Channels will also be below.


The girl who started my obsession: Jaclyn Hill. She is so knowledgeable and is a big goof ball. I wish we were friends. She is amazing and gorgeous! She is a professional makeup artist so she has a lot of great tutorials. (When I went to get her link I saw she just posted a new video!!! I’ll be right back!!!)
Makeup by Tiffany D. Tiffany is such a down to earth girl. She needs to be my friend too! I like her channel because it is not just makeup. She also posts about fashion and home decor. Her home is absolutely gorgeous! She has a blog as well that I always look forward to. 
Danna Ann is so beautiful. I love her personality She is easy to follow and always has great reviews and tutorials. She really goes into depth about the products she tries and I always check her channel out before I purchase something. 
Casey Holmes is again…gorgeous. They really all are but, they are also all very sweet girls. She is a Southern girl. She has a funky style and has awesome tutorials. Casey also has great reviews and is really honest about each product she tries. 
Kassie is another talented beauty guru that I follow. I am not sure if she is a professional makeup artist, but she is super talented. I love watching her channel because she tries out a large array of makeup and beauty products. Many of these girls are not professionals(but could be)…they just have a love for beauty and share it with all of us!
This is Summer and she is awesome! Number one she is a fellow Summer. Number two she is the reason I love Vitacost and has made me more interested in trying natural products and got me taking my vitamins again. Three she loves Jesus. I stumbled on her blog when I was searching for articles on anxiety She struggles with anxiety too and has shared a lot of great stories that have comforted me.  I could go on and on about how great she is!
Kendra Jorde is another down to earth girl. She shares many tips on how to stay healthy. She is also a Vitacost lover. Kendra uses a lot of natural beauty products as well and is a great resource when trying to find products that don’t have a bunch of junk in them.
This girl’s channel, Glutes N Glam, is new to me, but I already have learned so much. I recently watched he meal planning video that was very helpful. She also posts videos showing you step by step instructions of many different healthy recipes. 
Home Decor and Organizing:
Alejandra is all about organizing. She has soooo many great tips for every nook and cranny in your home. If you need help getting your space in order, I highly recommend her channel. She also has a website with even more helpful tips. 
This channel is a little different as it is not just one persons’ channel but a magazine, House and Home. They feature many different tips and videos about different makeovers. As, I mentioned before there are not a whole lot of channels that I have found on interior decorating. This is a great resource!
I have so many others that I follow. If you want to know of any other beauty You Tubers I follow I will gladly share them! If you have any you love please share!