Summer Lovin:Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites 8-1-14

Hello Sunshine iPhone Cover-My phone case has seen better days so, I have been on the hunt for a new one. This one  is from Anthropologie….so of course it is fabulous!

Hammock-This is always on my wish list. I really want a hammock and this one is super!

Spumoni Trifle-Spumoni always reminds me of The Old Spaghetti Factory or Italian food in general. I haven’t had spumoni ice cream in so long, but this dessert is a great deconstructed take on the classic dessert. Also, a great use for pistachio pudding. I feel it doesn’t get as much attention as it’s friends’ chocolate and vanilla:)

S’mores Kit– How cute would this be as a summer time hostess gift for a BBQ or Pool party?!

Gold Cuff Ponytail Holder-My hair is constantly in a pony in the summer. This shows that I put in a little extra effort without really actually doing much! They come in a huge variety of colors.


Happy Friday Y’all!


Welcome to The Days of Summer

I am so excited to be writing a new blog post from my website! I was always hesitant to get my own domain for The Days of Summer, but when my sister offered to design it and her hubby worked his web site building magic, I couldn’t resist. I literally gave them a few ideas and it came out just as I imagined.

I am hoping to continue to write on a weekly basis and meet other fellow bloggers. I questioned whether anyone really cared to read my posts, but so many have been super encouraging and it truly is a passion of mine. I thank everyone who followed me over on my blogspot page. Now, you can keep up over here on my very own site! (Can you tell I am a bit excited). Elise, of Polka Dotted Blue Jay, is a fellow blogger and a huge encouragement to keep me going. She does a post that I just love and was excited she asked me to join in with her. The post she does is all about finding amazing items at Anthropologie(swoon<3) and then finding simialr products for less. For all of us fellow Anthropologist:) we know of their goodness, but it can be hard on the wallet. Elise loves a good bargain and does such a great job finding similar items at a much lower price! She  posted her Wednesday Wishlist last week and I am sure you will just love it. Tell her I sent you and don’t forget to follow her for more awesome posts.


So, like I said I had to get in on this Anthro hack. I took a look around and saw this wall planter that I have been wanting to DIY for a few months. I thought now would be a great time to gather my supplies and get to it! After getting all the supplies, putting the planter together and taking all the pics…the item on Anthropologie was not there! I noticed, when I first saw it, the site stated it would not be available until July 31st. I thought about scratching the whole post. It was such a fun and easy DIY project, I just had to share. I knew I could find comparable wall planters from other sites. So, this is Anthro inspired but I do not have the direct link from Anthropologie. I will check back later in the month to see if they brought the item back and update the post:). For now, here is what I put together:

Anthro post 2



The original hanging wall planter from Anthropologie was 58.00 and up (depending on size).  I spent a little less than 15.00! When I first saw the planter I knew that I wanted to find a belt at a thrift store to use for the leather hanger. If you have an old one at home this would be even cheaper. The Anthro planter was made of porcelain and I knew that I needed to find  a plastic option as I have no idea how I would affix the leather strap to porcelain. I found a plastic planter at Home Depot. They didn’t have a white one, but I did what any DIYer would do… I broke out the spray paint! I used one that bonds to plastic. It was also a matte finish, as it is a primer, which made it look just like the Anthro planter! Once it dried I used upholstery tacks to secure the leather strap to the planter. These are very sturdy and went through the leather and plastic like butter. To get an even securer hold you could use pliers to crimp the tack up. After I attached each side of the leather belt(which I trimmed to size, 16 inches) I then filled up the container with  few little pebbles, some potting soil and a “Ghosty” succulent(purchased at Sprouts). It was now ready to hang. You could either hang it inside or out. I decided to hang in on a wall inside. Easy Peasy! It was so easy I want to make a few more and hang some outside. Anthropologie is a wonderful site to get inspired. Now I am scouring the site to see what else I can hack:).

Anthro 3




Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so exited about my new site. If you followed me through Bloglovin’ they moved you all over to my new site so, there is nothing to do! Also, do not forget to checkout Polka Dotted Blue Jay and her Anthropologie Hack post. Have a great week !


***Update-the planter is back up on Anthropologie’s site! Of course, just my luck. Lol! Here is the link I originally saw and was my inspiration.

anthro hack 2


Summer Lovin: Friday Favorites

Garden Grove Floral Watch-I saw this on Francesca’s site while searching for Mother’s Day Gifts I have to be honest. I have never stepped foot in this store. We have had one for awhile in our local mall and it just seemed like an “older lady” store. I saw some younger girls on YouTube who purchased some really cute jewelry there and thought I better give it a chance… while I was at the mall a few days ago. I am glad I did. They have the cutest clothes, shoes and jewelry!
Heart Coffee Mug Set– I would love to buy these mugs from the Etsy shop owner, but they are a bit too much for my pocketbook. I thought these were great inspiration for a DIY project!
Mac Blush in Melba-I did it. I went to MAC and bought my first blush by them. I was afraid I would fall in love, because again these are pricey…but they have the pretties colors. Of course, I fell in love. This shade, Melba, is a gorgeous peachy pink. Perfect for Spring! (At least that is how I justified it and I may have purchased another shade).
#redballoonsforryan Tote– My sweet friend Alyssa of Beckett’s Threads is donating all the proceeds of her red balloon stamped leggings, shorts and this adorable tote to the family that tragically lost their little boy last Friday. For more info and pricing you can follow Beckett’s Threads on FB or on IG. She makes the cutest stamped leggings, shorts and even came out with her signature stamp on a t-shirt. My little man loves his shirt.
Ikat Glasses Case-I wish I would have seen this case before I purchased my last sunglass case. This one looks super retro and I am in love. If you are like me and constantly wear sunglasses this is a must for protecting them from everything in your purse.
Palazzo Pants-Do you guys remember these? I can’t believe I am old enough for styles to be making another round! I wore these wide legged pants in high school. I personally love them because they flare out and distract from my booty and hips. They are also super comfortable and a great light weight pant option for the Spring and Summer.