Week 6: One Room Challenge

I was scrolling through some of the very talented designers who post their weekly progress one day before all of the guest participants for the One Room Challenge. Much to my surprise, I realized this isn’t the big reveal week. We still have another week.Whew! I can use another week! So stay tuned for next weeks post to see how it all came together.

I mentioned before that my bookcase was stuck in Alabama according to Targets’ tracking system. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago now and I was getting nervous as no new updates were coming in. I finally contacted Target and they let me know that the shipping label was created but it was never shipped and they would have to refund me my money!

Huge bummer. I loved the bookcase and I was stalking it as I noticed it was always sold out in the wood tone I wanted. So, when I saw they had 9 in stock one day, I snatched it up. The bookcase came in a lighter vintage oak tone and a walnut. Since I have a walnut toned desk I thought it would go great in my office/guest bedroom. Unfortunately, I believe a lot of other people thought it was great too and she never arrived. I ended up going to an actual Target store and picking up the same bookcase, but in the vintage oak. I had noticed that the stores carried that one and I thought maybe I would get lucky and get the walnut one. No luck, but it is still a perfect size and fits everything I need it to. It was also super easy to put together!

The top boxes house my larger photos. They are from the Sugar Paper line from Target a few years back.


Love that I was able to fit my printer on the shelf!
Styling is not done yet! I want to keep it simple and actually use the space for storage as that is a hot commodity in this space.
loring bookcase
This is not my office…it is the photo on Target.com…just to give you an idea of how it looks, as it is in a corner and I can’t share the whole bookcase well.

Since I thought I had to have everything done today I am pretty close to being finished. Just a few more accessories and I will be done! I am super excited to complete this challenge hosted by Calling It Home and so have enjoyed looking at all the other participants posts.

guest ORC logo


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