Week 5: One Room Challenge

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Usually, I say that time goes by fast but this six weeks has dragged on! Mainly due to the fact that the last piece I am waiting on appears to be lost in Alabama somewhere! I ordered a bookcase from Target online and that was about two weeks ago. Things like this happen in design, I am learning. Having a deadline is hard if you have to depend on online orders!

So, instead of not posting again I wanted to share with you the art I ordered from Etsy! Thankfully the art prints came super fast and I had no issues.

I ordered two prints from Albiedesigns. They specialize in city prints. I have always wanted to use their prints somewhere in our home and was so excited when I decided to get them for our guest bedroom/office. I think they are perfect for that space. They have a shop on Etsy, which I linked above. They not only have prints of cities in America, but also other well-known location worldwide! It is such a fun print and would be great for any travel lover.

I decided to get a print of Los Angeles, since it was the closest to where we live(unless you factor in traffic). We actually never go to L.A. but I wanted something to represent where we lived. I also chose the New Orleans print, since my Husband and I went there recently. I want to get a few more as we travel to other cities.


Los Angeles Print


Aren’t they adorable??? I want them all, but I think I will get one or two more to fill up one of the walls in our guest bedroom/office. Most likely St. Louis and San Diego! They come in all different sizes. I got the 8×10. They also can either be in portrait or landscape orientation which is a great option! I will be back next week….hopefully with the final reveal! I am hoping my bookcase gets it together and comes to visit me in the next few days!



new orleans
New Orleans Print

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