Confession: I am having writer’s block. Or maybe I’m just being hard on myself. I wrote a post for today and was almost done and was not felling it. I have about five other posts that I could type up that I have written, but they don’t seem right. I was about a paragraph away when I felt like I needed to write something else. So here it goes!

Today, 15 years ago, my husband and I got engaged! I was looking for the picture of the amazing gas station beanie and gloves I received on Christmas(if you don’t know what I am talking about check out my last post). I did not find the picture yet, but I came across our engagement photos. We are old so they were just ones our parents took with their camera that night, nothing fancy. I loved that day. Mainly because I was completely surprised. That never happens!

So, I wanted to use today’s Wordy Wednesday to talk about the 15 things I love about my husband, in honor of our engagement 15 years ago. Sorry for the gushiness in advanced! Before I get too far I have to say something because I don’t want anyone to think we are perfect. I could have knocked my husband upside the head yesterday and buried him, I was so frustrated. Last week I talked about expectations. I have a lot. We both have a lot for each other. Sometimes those expectations turn into heartache. My husband doesn’t do what I want him to do and I get angry. Many times I fail to communicate what it is I want and expect him to just know. I also expect him, after 15 plus years of knowing me, that I need certain things. But the truth is we are all imperfect. We fail each other everyday. But…..God has called us to love unconditionally.

“Marriage by God’s design requires that you live out what He has called you to do regardless of whether your husband(spouse) is doing so or not”.-Wife After God

So, yesterday I was upset for unmet expectations, without ever considering there was a genuinely good reason for those expectations not being met. I was not living out what I was called to do and I was so upset. I began to think of all I was doing while dismissing any reason my husband may have had for not meeting my expectations. So…yeah…it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes over here all the time. Just in case you thought we had it going on over here…nope! But God is good and I loving growing and learning with my husband! 

Back to the good stuff though! I challenge you to write down or think of 15 things you love about your spouse or significant other. What things are you thankful for?

#1-You are generous. Not just with money but with time.

#2- You rarely say No. You are always willing to help(except yesterday..lol). If someone needs you, you are there.

#3-You are loyal. You stick by a friends’ side longer than I ever would! You don’t let anything about people bother you. You know people have faults and it doesn’t cloud your judgment of people.

#4- You love people. Legit! I don’t believe I have ever met a person who loves being around people more than you. Better yet, people love being around you! You have taught me a lot about loving others.

#5- You are hilarious. One of my requirements for my spouse was to be funny. You nailed it.

#6-You are a hard worker. In the past this was a hard one for you, but once you found your groove it has become one of your best qualities. You put your heart and soul into your work.

#6-You have integrity. Being in your industry that is hard to come by. I have seen you turn down opportunities or people because they lack that quality. I believe this is why you are successful. There is no compromise with you.

#7- You are adorable. Even if you don’t think so. I could stare at your handsome face all day(sorry guys). I love your perfect teeth behind that cute smirk. I love those crinkles around your eyes and every freckle on your face. Pretty much I love your face!

#8-You are an amazing father. You teach Shane everything that he needs to know, because you know I am no help in that arena. He looks up to you more than you will ever know. He talks about you constantly and always wants to know where you are at. He is your mini me and I love it!

#9-You are strong. As a man, that is such a great quality to have. Not just physically but emotionally. You keep it together when things are falling apart.

#10- You are certain. You do not waver in your beliefs. You research and are ready to defend your point but never close minded. Same about your faith. You can defend it because you know it. Ready to speak the truth.

#11- You are always learning. You love listening to others. You are talkative, but you definitely love hearing others speak and learning from them. You are interested in others and interesting!

#12-You love your family. Not just Shane and I, but your whole family.

#13-You have style. I’m running a little low here on #13…just being real. But you do. I am thankful I have never seen you in sweats. The tank tops are pushing it, but at least you still try all the other times to dress like a man:)

#14-You do not judge. You are such a great example to me in this area. You love everyone no matter what. You do not care if someone is fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, rich poor…you treat everyone the same…unless they are stupid…that’s not ok!

#15- You love me. You love me and all my craziness. You love at least three of my 10 personalities. You love me so much  as we worked through some pretty rough times and you loved me enough to ask me to marry you 15 years ago. I pray that you do know how much I appreciate and love you. God has blessed us with each other and our little family.  Thanks Baby… I Love you more!!!!


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