Build Your Own Ramen Bowls

Once it starts to get cooler I love being in the kitchen. Mainly because I can start making soups and more hearty meals. This week I have had Food Network on all day for some inspiration. Earlier this week on The Kitchen(which is an amazing cooking/talk show) they made Ramen Bowls. They also mentioned Ramen restaurants, which I had never heard of. Then today I was watching The Pioneer Woman and she made a Ramen bowl. I had to make some for dinner. Ree Drummond added the ramen seasoning packet to the bottom of the bowl and some Siracha. I knew I had to try it that way. I also sautéed some cremini mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn and shrimp. Then added boiling hot water and let the noodles cook(you could also cook the ramen in a pot on the stove as per the directions on the ramen package). Finally, I added some scallions and crunchy noodles. It was a perfect warm me up meal and super filling! 

Topping/Additional Ingredient Ideas:

Mushrooms: Cremini, button and/or shitake

Baby corn

Bamboo shoots

Water chestnuts

Shredded carrots 


Shredded chicken


Siracha or chili oil 

Crunchy noodles 


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