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I am so excited to be doing the first renovation project in our home! I know this can also be a super stressful thing to take on but I am ready. Our poor old bathroom needs a facelift desperately! As you may know we live in a Mid Century Modern home built in 1959. As of this month we have lived in it for two years. We have so enjoyed this home. We have learned how to live with less(our home has two bedrooms). We have grown/been obsessed with MCM design. The Hubs and I actually can enjoy shopping together for once. We have met so many other crazy MCM lovers because of our home. For the most part nothing needed to be done when we moved in, except for the master bath.

We have decided to redo our plumbing though out the house as it is original and needs an update. When we moved into the house there was some water damage to the walls in our master bathroom. Most likely from the old pipes sweating or possibly even leaking. We did a quick fix and just painted over the damaged walls. The paint I bought was matched to what I though was already on the walls. It ended up being this horrid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle green color, when it should have been more of a taupe. Needless to say, two years later, that one green wall remains and it all needs to go.

We found a wonderful plumber and counter top and tile guy recently. It is all getting so real. In just a few short weeks our ugly bath will turn into a Natural Modern beauty(hopefully). We also went to a retailer who sells bath fixtures, tubs and all things to do with a bathroom. It was so exciting. I was like a kid in a candy store. They had the most beautiful rain shower heads, fancy hand showers and even a toilet that was floating on the wall and had a touch screen button to flush. We got a full list of possible fixtures and tubs for our bathroom. There are a few hiccups that we had while trying to decide on a tub, as ours is very ugly and oddly shaped. To spare you the boring details I think we are going to try to re-glaze it as it was a bit tricky to find one that would fit in the existing space.

I went out yesterday to Home Depot to look at some tile for the walls and floor.  I wanted something super timeless and there were a few options that caught my eye. We are going for a Natural Modern design as I mentioned before. Natural Modern is basically wood and white. We have a walnut vanity(that will stay) and a wood beam that runs from the floor to ceiling, next to the tub and shower. I currently have paint stripper on our laundry chute door, as it was painted over(how dare they). So here is to hoping it comes off easily and I can add another natural wood element to our bathroom.

So enough rambling…let’s get to the good stuff….the design!



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We are in love with the Odin line from Brizo. It gives the modern edge to our bathroom that we ae looking for. We are still deciding on which way to go with the tile for the walls and floor. We are pretty certain we will do with a longer and skinnier subway tile done in a stacked horizontal patterned. Simple and modern. I am leaning towards keeping the grout white as I heard it is harder to get toothpaste and soap off of darker grout and then for the floors we would go with a lighter to medium tone grey grout. I love the hexagon tiles. It gives it an updated timeless look. Finally, I have express my hatred before for towel racks, so I am opting for those natural Alder hooks I found on Etsy! I think it will add just the right amount of natural I am looking for.

Next up I will share with you any more progress in the bathroom and some before pictures. Then, hopefully, some demo pictures!!!!!


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