Minimizing my Home: Less is More

Since moving into my Mid Century Modern home I have really learned to love the minimalist look. This is a new concept for me as I like “things”. My previous style in my home was a style that was easy to find items for. MCM decor is a little more difficult to come by and has saved me from cluttering up my tables and shelves(actually the only shelves in my home are in my son’s room). Another factor into my new minimalist style is that we have moved 8 times in our 11 years of marriage! So, needless to say I have got rid of a ton of stuff and have vowed every time we moved to never buy another candle, bottle of lotion or magazine ever again.

I decided to take on one area of my home that I haven’t really touched since we moved in 2 years ago. That are would be our linen closet. One side houses my towels and linens and the other toiletries. At one point in my life I was a crazy couponer and accumulated a lot of toiletries. I decided the best strategy would be to take everything out and put it on my dining room table. I like the idea of seeing everything I have (also helps with the whole never wanting to buy anything ever again…or at least until next week).



So, as you can see I had quite a bit of lotions, shampoos and other miscellaneous health and beauty items stuffed in my linen closet. I do have to say for an older, two bedroom home, we have so much storage. When my husband said he wanted to go look at a two bedroom home I thought …no way! Once I stepped inside we were greeted with tall closets and more in the hallway and bedrooms. There is no lack of storage in this house and I have filled it up.

There was a show on TLC, I believe, called “Clean Sweep”. ¬†They had organizers and designers who would come in and organize a space that was super disorganized and usually looked like a hoarder lived there. I loved it when the organizer would come in because he had a method that I still use to this day. The first thing he would do before getting started was to get three large bins and label them Keep, Sell and Toss. I decided to use this method as I purged my linen closet. So, after everything was out for me to see I first brought over my trashcan and tossed everything that was either expired or something I just would not use or give away. Then I separated the items I wanted to donate and those I wanted to keep. I was left with this:


I was able to condense everything onto one shelf! I decided to bring in my painting supplies that were in my laundry room taking up some needed space. I also added a box of all my essential oils that were taking up spaces in various medicine cabinets.


On the other side and below is where I had all my towels and other linens. I decided it was about time I learned how to fold my towels like a grown up. They look prettier and also take up less room. I will link the how-to video I watched below.

IMG_3502 IMG_3507


Christine Kobzeff(watch all her videos she is awesome and lives in Hawaii… so I am of course obsessed)


I hope you found something useful in this post. I didn’t spend any money on bins or labels. I just used what I had but you could totally step up your organizing game and use them. I learn a lot when I do a purge. I realize that I have too much stuff, which is the whole idea behind a purge is to get rid of the excess. Many items I was holding onto because I got them for free or they were given to me, but in reality I will never use them and they are taking up space. Two years ago I made it one of my resolutions for the new year to not buy anything I did not need. Although, I have done better in certain areas I have failed in other (ie…makeup).


In conclusion I have made a few rules for myself.

1.Do not watch so many haul videos on You Tube! If you have no idea what I am talking about do not search them out… they will destroy your wallet! I love watching videos on items other people buy..such as beauty and health items…but I found myself thinking I needed so many new products! My shelves have become stuffed with way too many products.

2. By keeping less products in my home I have found that I can remember what I have and do not buy duplicates.

3. If I had already previously did a purge in an area of my home and still have something the next time I do a purge then that item needs to go. I like to do a Spring Purge and Fall Purge.

I have already cleaned out my closet. Next on the list is my husband’s closet and underneath our bathroom sink where, you guessed it, is more toiletries and beauty products. If you need any lotion, candles or band aids I’m your girl!


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