DIY Glam Glow Mask

I’m sure most of you have heard of the famous GlamGlow masks that have taken the beauty world by storm. I received a few samples of  the different masks they offer but, when I checked the prices I almost fell over. I noticed a few DIY mask recipes were going around the internet and I was so excited to see that I had almost all the ingredients in my medicine cabinet! The only item I did not have was the activated charcoal. So, I hurried to Amazon and placed my order.

The GlamGlow mask I attempted to dupe was the Supermud treatment. This treatment claims to give your skin a deep clean. I recently had a volcano land on my face that my husband, lovingly named Suzy. I thought now would be a great time to make this DIY mask and put it to work. Here are the ingredients and directions for making your own!

DIY GlamGLow mask

Start out by steeping your tea in 2 oz of hot water. Meanwhile, melt the 1 TBS of Coconut oil in a bowl, in the microwave for about 45 seconds. You can now add these two items together and set aside.

Add the 1/4 C. of the Bentonite Clay and 6 Capsules of Charcoal to a bowl and mix well. Then add the 1 drop of Eucalyptus oil and 1 drop of Peppermint Oil. Next, add the 1 TBS of Aloe Vera Gel. Mix well, it will begin to look like pebbles.


Finally, you can slowly add in the wet ingredients(tea and melted coconut oil). Mix this until it gets smooth and resembles mud. Lastly, find a cute glass jar and you have your very own mud mask!



Tips: If you are allergic to Coconut Oil you can use Grapeseed  or Jojoba Oil.

This recipe is geared toward sensitive skin. You can up the drops of essential oils to 2 drops if you do not have sensitive skin.

You can also add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil if you have acne prone skin.

Leave on for 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin and 10-15 for non sensitive skin

If you like a cooling mask leave in refrigerator, otherwise this can be stored in a dry, cool place for months.

If it is too dry add a bit more aloe gel or water. If it is too wet add more clay.

Use as a spot treatment on stubborn zits.

You can use up to 1-3 times a week.

This recipe makes 4oz.


My thoughts: This left my skin so soft! The Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil definitely worked great together adding a ton of moisture. I could see a difference in my volcano of a zit too. I left it on for 10 minutes (that’s when it was dry). It was so easy to make and would make a great gift or fun for a girls night!

Price Breakdown:

Coconut Oil $9.12

Chamomile Tea $2.44

Calcium Bentonite Clay $5.09

Activated Charcoal $5.50

Aloe Vera Gel $4.79

Eucalyptus Oil $10.64

Peppermint Oil $7.10


TOTAL: 44.68 which can make over 1# of the mask! GlamGlow is 69.00 for 1.2 fl oz. If I was better at math I would figure out the cost for the 1/2 cup I made! I want to say it would be around if that is correct it is a 58.00 savings!!! And you get 40z versus the 1.2 oz! Obviously, the price will vary depending on which products you use. I hope you try this out! Next on my list is making my own lotion bar. Stay tuned!



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