Pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving Tablesetting

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the table-setting possibilities! Most of the time there is so much food covering the table there is no room for any lavish centerpieces, but you can simply decorate each person’s setting for a simple and clutter free design. I love all things American Indian, so I knew I wanted to do a table-setting with a teepee incorporated in it. I thought up an idea that would incorporate both Pilgrims and Indians. It is also a fun table for kids. I used craft paper as the table runner so the kids can have fun coloring during dinner and my son got a kick out of the Pilgrim hat and the Indian Teepee!


pilgrim and Indian

I love this setting because it mixes metals for a fancy grown-up look but also has some fun elements thrown in for the kiddos. I used a black charger that I painted with chalkboard paint(three coats) and found a little mini charger at Michaels and painted the center of that with chalkboard paint as well. The DIY crafts for this were super simple to make and the kids could even help make them. I do not have  step by step instructions for these Pilgrim hats as my camera stopped working(hence the pad iphone pics), but they are super easy.

You will want to buy: a small terracotta pot, black chalkboard paint, a foam brush, white ribbon, small piece of cardboard for buckle and some glitter and glue. Simply paint the terracotta pot with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry while you cut a piece of ribbon and a square out of the cardboard and cut two slits for the ribbon to go through. Then use glue(I used spray adhesive) and put onto the cardboard piece and sprinkle on glitter. You can now thread the ribbon through the slits ad attach it to the pot. And you are done. You could use these as place cards and add each guests name to them!

Making the Teepee is also very easy. I bought some 1/8″x12″ dowels from Joann’s and I cut down the dowels to about 6″ and secured three of them together with some twine. Then took some construction paper and cut off the side… 2 inches or so. Then, as you can see, in the fifth picture I have a rectangle shape and cut off the top two corners. Next I wrapped the paper around the sticks making a cone shape and taped it together. Finally, I cut out a triangle and it was complete. I left it blank but it would be another fun project for the kiddos to color while they were sitting at the table.

teepee diy


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