Cookbook Review: The Real Girl’s Kitchen by Haylie Duff


As I mentioned before, I haven fallen back in love with cooking. I have never hated it,  just got in a funk. In the past few years I have rarely tried any new recipes, I have not watched a whole lot of cooking shows and have even bought most of my desserts…GASP!!!! I have to say the switch came when I caught Haylie Duff’s cooking show on the Cooking Channel. It was so refreshing. I love that she is my age and you can just see her passion for cooking come through the screen each week. I immediately bought her cookbook, The Real Girl’s Kitchen(which is also the name of her cooking show). It truly is a real girl’s guide to cooking. I love that she uses so many fresh ingredients but not anything that is too complicated.

I found a love for other cooking shows as well. Saturdays on The Cooking Channel are amazing! So far I have tried three of her recipes and they all were so good! There was nothing I would change.  Her directions are super simple and easy to follow. There are not a million different steps. The end product seems like you made something super fancy and took forever to make, but they really are quite simple.

On her show she is usually hosting some dinner party or having her friends and family over for lunch. I so miss that. I decided to have my brother over as well as my sister and her family. My sister has a pretty strict diet so I had to run a few things by her. I decided on making the Legit Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken. It had a shallot sauce that you could make with it, but it had gluten in it so I decided to pass on that, it sounded delish! I was super afraid that no one would like this dish and I would be left to order pizza. I was so excited when everyone said they loved it! The chicken was stuffed with goat cheese. I then sprinkled it with sea salt, pepper and fresh thyme. Finally, I wrapped the chicken breasts in a few pieces of prosciutto and baked in the oven. Super easy and super yummy.

My sister and her family couldn’t be at dinner  until 7, as well as The Hubs,  so I wanted to have an appetizer for my brother and I to eat. I am going to be hosting a Christmas Party early in December for a group The Hubs is involved with so, I thought I could try out a few ideas in the meantime. I saw Haylie’s Sausage and Thyme Stuffed Mushrooms recipe and thought I would try that one out. OH MAN, they were so good!!!!! I needed thyme for my chicken recipe so this was perfect as I never use all the sprigs of thyme up. The recipe called for Sausage(I used Italian…because Italians always do it best), jalapenos, Pecorino Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese  and a few other spices and binding ingredients. I will definitely be making these at my upcoming party. My brother and I loved these so much. I may have had three or four.

The first recipe I tried was for a super easy S’more. These were made in the oven. There is no gas in my house so, there are two things I miss: heating up a tortilla on the stove and roasting marshmallows! With this recipe though, you use your oven’s broiler! Why didn’t I think of that before? Simply lay down the graham cracker, then chocolate(or if you are like me and like cold chocolate wait until after you have broiled the marshmallow) and finally the marshmallow. She also suggests adding some cinnamon to the top of the marshmallow before you broil it. I tried it…and I liked it! Seriously, it was so good and it only took a few seconds under the broiler.

Overall, I really enjoyed this cookbook and hope she comes out with another one soon. At this rate I will have tried every recipe before not too long!

Here is a link to order the cookbook if you would like: The Real Girl’s Kitchen


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