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This post was inspired by my upcoming birthday. I turn 30 something on Saturday and I don’t like it. Moments before my thirtieth I found my first  gray hairs. It was tragic. This year I found out my blood pressure was super high and I am now on a Vegan diet. Yeah, getting old stinks…but makeup makes it bearable.

Now don’t get me wrong… I am not obsessed with staying young. I am all about aging gracefully, as long as there is still hair color and sparkly eye shadow involved. I wanted to write about a few tips on how to look a bit more youthful. These few ideas don’t require botox, a nip and tuck, cutting or sucking. Exciting, right???

***With my new found Vegan life…I have sooo much more energy and have become very sarcastic. Just a warning:)

1. My first tip has to do with the eyes. I know the women in my family first see signs of aging in their eyes. I noticed that when I wore a thick  black eye liner on my lower lash line it made me look older. Many times a black liner can look hard. I found by simply using a light brown or taupe liner it made my eyes look more open and youthful. I don’t believe you can’t wear black liner, in fact I still wear it on my upper eyelid. I also will still wear it on my lower lash line, but I make sure to blend it out a bit. I simply draw on a thin line and go back and forth with a pencil brush to soften the black liner. The eye liner I love is by The Body Shop in Taupe.


The Body Shop Eye Definer in Taupe (Far Right)
The Body Shop Eye Definer in Taupe (Far Right)

 2. As we get older I hear we are not supposed to wear anything sparkly. This is quite depressing. I understand it though. Sparkle is used to highlight and it could highlight wrinkles and fine lines. I believe if your skin is healthy than go for it. That really is the key here. You have to have a good base and many of these rules may never apply to you if your skin is still looking like a 20 year old. For those of us who may have damaged skin or inherited Grandma’s wrinkles we do have to be careful. A highlight that is more satin is the best way to go. Something that makes you look  “lit within” is always a great way to look younger. Instead of looking for something with sparkle, look for items with a satin finish. I recommend MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle.


Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh Soft and Gentle
Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh
Soft and Gentle

3. Now that it is summer time we tend to think about being bronzed a bit more. Having a little color all year round is always a sure way to look younger and even a little slimmer. We aren’t talking super bronzed body builder, but just a hint of bronzer will bring life to anyones face. I like to add bronzer to a few areas on my face. I first contour with it under my cheek bones, then down the sides of my nose, my temples and finally my favorite: under my jaw line(this hides my double chin). I have a few bronzers that I love one high end and one drug store.


Smashbox Bronzer- Sunkissed Matte
Smashbox Bronzer- Sunkissed Matte






NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer
in Sunny

I hope these few tips help. I joke about getting older quite a bit. I am not overly ecstatic about it but, I really don’t dread  it. Especially now that I have some secret weapons in my makeup drawer:). Have a great Wednesday pretty ladies!


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