DIY Succulent Container using a Glass Candle Jar

Succulents are making a huge comeback! Succulents are really popular in Mid Century Modern design, so I thought this would be a great little project for our home!

I have seen many You Tubers talk about using their empty Bath and Body Works, 3-wick glass candle containers as makeup brush holders. I thought I could use the one I just used up for my project. I simply took off the name tag(this is a sticker and comes off super easy). If you have some wax left in the container, you can emerge the container in hot water, let it sit for a few minutes and then run a knife along the edges. At this point it should pop out. I used a spoon to get mine out. Then I cleaned the inside and Voila! I have a beautiful glass container free from stickers. and wax. There is also a sticker on the bottom that slides right off after being emerged in the hot water.

There are endless uses for this. As I mentioned before you could pour some glass beads or rice and add in your makeup brushes. You could use it to store office supplies. If you can get it clean enough you could store some candy in it. Endless possibilities! I love reusing items..especially when you spend 11.00(on sale) on a candle.

Isn’t this cute? It would be great for a wedding or a wedding shower!

Unfortunately, there was no link for these. I found them on Pinterest. Some people are so creative!

These are so amazing! Check out this girls’ blog for a tutorial.

Here is the empty candle container:

We happen to have a little succulent garden in our backyard. I just love it! I wasn’t sure if I could cut a succulent and if it would regrow in my jar. I am sorry I have absolutely no gardening experience…therefore I have no knowledge of all the proper gardening terms:). I went to good ol’ Martha for help. I found an article on her blog(no idea she had a blog..I mean it makes since..but I have only seen her website).

The next step was to add a little bit of pebbles to the bottom of the glass container.

Then I added some soil and cut a pretty little succulent and planted it!

I finished it by adding some more pebbles. I happened to have these in my front yard…who knew I had all the supplies in my yard!

I think it is super cute and a really great way to add some life inside of your home.


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