Celebrating LOVE

I am so over Wednesdays! Do you feel me? I wake up already wanting a nap. I have absolutely no motivation. The Hubs can guarantee to get a text asking if we can go to dinner on Wednesdays. That mid-week hump is a hard one for me to get over. I actually think I enjoy Mondays more! Oh goodness! This post is not going to be about how much I despise Wednesdays, I promise. I just needed to blow off a bit of steam before I get going on what I really want to talk about.

Anyways….to the subject at hand. Valentine’s Day! I am not sure what feeling conjure up when you think about this day of L-O-V-E but, I for one, truly do love Valentine’s Day. The Hubs on the the other hand hates it. I know many men and women who share the same sentiment as The Hubs. Do I like that they mark up flowers 300%? No. Do I like that you have to make a reservation a month or so in advanced and have to fight the crowds of other lovers at your favorite restaurant? No. What I do love is that it is a day to take a step back and remember why you love your spouse or significant other. Just as I mentioned before, I love New Years for that same reason. It is a time to reflect on the new year and also the past year. It is a time to make changes and make new goals. I look at Valentine’s Day the same. The Hubs says every day is Valentine’s Day and to that I say..then where are my flowers dude?! Where are my love notes? Can you help a wifey out with the dishes then?

Can I get an AMEN? The Hubs is no romantic. Now, in his defense, he never was a romantic and I never wanted a super romantic man. I get a little weirded out at major moments of romance, but a little here and there never hurts. The Hubs and I joke about Valentine’s Day all the time. We joke about what a big deal it is and how it has become over commercialized just like everything else. The main point of this whole post is really to treat each day like Valentine’s Day in your marriage. As cheesy as that may sound, it really is the root to what the Hubs and I believe about this holiday to really mean. I can’t help but use this same thought process in my Christian life. Christmas has become so much about being busy and the gifts that we forget the true meaning, Jesus’ birth. I can say this is true about forgetting the real meaning of Valentine’s Day, LOVE. Being married is such a joy. I feel so honored to be a wife. I do take it for granted many days. I get tired(especially on Wednesdays). I forget to speak The Hubs’ Love Language.  That is why I want to use Valentine’s Day as a day to refresh and a day to reflect on what our love means and what we mean to each other. I love my husband more than I could ever write about here. He keeps me laughing, he is a hard worker, he cares for others and is always thinking about others above himself. So, instead of making Valentine’s Day “Let’s test my Husband’s love day” I want it to be a day to celebrate our love. I want it to be a time to reflect on what we love about each other and also what we need to work on. Love is work, but it is worth it. Marriage isn’t something to give up easily on. Too many times it gets rough and it may seem easier to give up. Love is powerful and can heal many wounds. If your marriage is one that Christ blessed you can get through anything. I deal with so many civil cases each day at work. When I see a divorce case, I stop and pray for that family. Divorce just breaks my heart. I guess I am a bit of a romantic. I just want to find each couple dealing with these civil suits and tell them to remember why you first fell in love. Remember all the great things you love about your spouse. Also, remember nothing is too great for our God. I have seen broken marriages be renewed. There was so much hurt, but love prevailed and healed. Maybe your marriage is great. I encourage you to still take a time to ask your spouse if there is anything you need to work on or if there is anything that needs to change. It may be something small, but personally I want my husband to be happy. I don’t ever want to be responsible for making my husband miserable. Too often I see couples in just an absolute pit of nastiness. They have lost that lovin’ feeling. I truly believe it can be found again. So, reignite that fire or keep that fire burning. Where ever your marriage is right now, take the time to reflect this Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Hubs if you are reading this…I love you and I still want flowers. You can’t get off that easy:).

This pic was done by my amazingly talented friend, Val check her site out…you will  love it!


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