DIY Vanity Chair Seat Cushion

I am so behind in my home projects. The last crafty/DIY project I did was reupholstering my office chair which you can read about here. For my birthday my mom bought me a beautiful vanity chair for my bathroom. It needed a seat cushion though. So, I knew that I had to reupholster my office chair and decided to just buy some extra fabric. Well, my birthday was six months ago! I woke up with a migraine today and was in bed for a good part of the day. Once I drugged myself enough I got up and decided to work on my chair since I did not have to work. Working full time really does not allow me any extra time for this sort of thing…so I was happy to be able to finish this project.

I am no expert in upholstering. This required no sewing so, I knew that it was not going to be that hard. The hardest part would be the round shape of the seat. Also, I chose a chevron pattern and needed to make sure that stayed straight. Here is a little beginners try at adding a round seat cushion to a vanity seat. Enjoy!

Before: Not so comfy
My dad cut out a round wooded seat..great having a Carpenter for a Dad!
Used foam, batting, my upholstery fabric(found at Joann’s) and a staple gun.

Pretty basic: I cut out the foam with a serrated knife.
 Then added the batting and started to stretch and staple.

In order to prevent getting too many folds I tried to stretch the batting as much as possible. The same process was done with the fabric. You want to stretch and pull as much as possible without distorting the pattern of the fabric.

This is how it looks with just the batting. A few folds but not too bad for this beginner:)
Found this cute model!

Taadaa! The seat is finished. It only took about 20 minutes tops!

Ahhhh…look at all that comfiness!

Now I have a place to sit while I do my makeup!

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