200th Post!!!! Summer Lovin: Natural Products

***Update-The facial cleanser and moisturizer did end up bothering my sensitive skin. I was so bummed. I get a million little bumps all over my chin when something irritates my skin and that happened:(. Not sure if it was the cleanser or the moisturizer or both??? But wanted to leave an update. I am putting in another Vitacost order right now, so I may try another cleanser…but I really just think my face loves Olay!

This is my 200th blog post!!! I am so excited to write more this year. I am on track…being that this is my third post this week!

The last few months I have tried to introduce more natural products into my home. Both in cleaning products and beauty/personal products. In this post I am going to share some of my beauty/personal natural products that I have used and love. I do have some cleaning products I want to share with you too, but there are a few that I have yet to use that I purchased and want to include those. So, for now I will share with you a few natural products I have purchased and am loving.

I have yet to find any DIY natural recipes that really do anything spectacular. So, I was glad to find that these few products are either 100% natural or mostly natural and they work great! I follow a girl on YouTube also named Summer. She turned me onto Vitacost. If you are not familiar with Vitacost (this is my referral link, you can get 10.00/30.00 purchase, but don’t feel like you have to use it) I highly recommend you check it out . They have so many natural products ranging from cleaning products to vitamins to beauty products. I was glad to hear that Summer highly recommended this first product by Andalou.It is the Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser. I was happy with my current facial cleanser by Olay and have used it for years. I was not happy though with all the added junk thrown in. I was a little afraid to switch as my skin is so use to the Olay cleanser and usually doesn’t like change. I was pleasantly surprised that I had no reaction and my skin loved it! The lemon smell is so yummy. Being that it is natural I was tempted to eat it! I also loved the fact that it was brightening because of the lemon. I have only used it a few times but I really like it so far. It is a little more pricey($8.69) than my Olay but only by like $3.00. It is an ounce smaller as well. Natural products do tend to be more expensive and I am ok with that. It is a non GMO product, gluten free, paraben free(super important), sulfate free, vegetarian and cruelty free. I am new to the whole natural living, so I am learning the importance of not having these items in my products. As I learn more I will be sure to share!

Next is another item Summer recommended (thanks girl). It is a moisturizer by derma e. It is a refining vitamin A wrinkle cream. I don’t have wrinkles yet…but I do have fine lines and vitamin A will definitely help with that. I tend to have dry skin, but I don’t like a super thick moisturizer. They usually get a bit oily. So, when I opened this jar of moisturizer up I was so happy to see it was the perfect consistency. Think thick whipped cream. It also smells like candy…again tempted to eat my face products!!! This product is 100% vegan, cruelty free(kind of wondering how many of my products are not) and paraben free. Besides the vitamin A it also contains Safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, avocado oil and soybean oil. It did have a few ingredients that I have no idea what they are but that doesn’t mean they are not natural. For instance, vitamin E is Tocopheryl Acelate! I will definitely be buying this again. It is 4 ounces and was $9.62. Again, this is more pricey, but it is natural and fighting my wrinkles, that my friends is priceless!

The next few products are less exciting but I am super happy I bought them. First, this is a product I have used for about 6 months. It is the Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel. It is 100% all natural. I use this as my toner and it works wonders. My skin loves it as it is very gentle. This is great for all skin types. It is oil-free and also it is non-drying. So, a win-win for dry or oily skin. I just apply it to my face with a cotton round after I have cleaned my face and it gets rid of anything that my cleanser did not take off. Toner is also meant to balance your skin. It is just a great natural product. I got my 16 oz bottle at Vons. It actually had a try me for free coupon on it so I paid nada for it!!! I believe it was not too expensive??? I will leave links to where you can purchase everything down below.

Last up is toothpaste! Ooooohh so exciting. I heard about this from Summer as well. She uses the Spry brand for herself as well as her children. It has no sugar(why does toothpaste have sugar in it??? Had no idea!!!) It does contain Xylitol(this is a natural sweetener). Again still learning about all this natural business…but I read Xylitol is great at adding minerals back into your teeth. This toothpaste also has no fluoride.Again, not an expert but fluoride is not good for you. I just had the dentist put a fluoride treatment on Shane’s teeth too! Oh well, I am sure the dentist has a good reason as to why we need it??? Shane’s toothpaste is a gel. It is safe for 3 months and up. It is all-natural and safe to swallow. He likes the taste(which is original). It is 2 ounces and is 4.39. My toothpaste is the peppermint one and is 4 oz for 3.96. With Vitacost you do have to pay shipping. I also buy cleaning products and vitamins through their site so I like to make one big order and get the free shipping. It usually comes in 1-2 days.

That concludes my natural beauty/personal products that I am loving right now. Please let me know of items you love. Before I posted this blog I wanted to try one more DIY Pinterest inspired treatment. You may have seen it. It claims to wipe out any dead skin from your feet. You mix a mixture of warm water, mouthwash and vinegar and place your feet in it for 10 minutes. So while I worked I used a small tub and made the mixture. I had to triple it to make it touch half way up my feet. It started to make my feet itch, which I thought that meant it was doing its magic…but no. After 10 minutes I had clean… vinegar smelling feet. No dead skin came off. Such a bummer. I was really hoping it would work because my feed are in need of some pampering.


Thanks for reading my 200th post! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts.

Products mentioned:
Andalou Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser
derma e Vitamin A Cream
Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel this is the Amazon link. It is over 8.00 which seems high, but I can’t say for sure what the price would be at a grocery store or drugstore.
Spry Peppermint Toothpaste
Spry Original Kids Toothpaste


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